Episode One:

episode one: Stranded

When Wingman Spencer Wallace is shot down over an alien world, with information his government needs, he must find a way off the planet or wait till help arrives. And hope that those who shot him down don't return.

STRANDED was written, produced and directed by Timm Gillick. Wingman Spencer Wallace was also played by Timm Gillick.

Episode Two:

episode two: Spirit of the Blackwolf

Khabrin goes to a party brandishing a set of nasty scars on his face that he got while he and his father Colin were visiting his Grandfather. He tells his friend Barry the story behind the scars; a tale of an old Native American evil that returns every 25 years to "recruit" young men. The evil Spirit of the Blackwolf.

SPIRIT OF THE BLACKWOLF was originally written for the screen by Timm Gillick. It was re-written for radio by Timm Gillick, as well as produced and directed. Featured in the cast are:

Khabrin - Shaun Bennett
Colin - Timm Gillick
Barry - Cosmo from VAA.co.uk
Mary - Koshiba from VAA.co.uk
Joan - Emilie (Leadley) Gillick
Grandpa - Timm Gillick
Girl - Koshiba from VAA.co.uk
Kid #1 - Timm Gillick
Kid #2 - Koshiba from VAA.co.uk

Episode Three:

episode three: Forecast

Brendan Brooks is a weatherman. When someone mysteriously appears in his dressing room to kill him with a laser gun due to something he hasn't done yet, he wants to know why!

FORECAST was written and directed by Mike Murphy. Post production by Timm Gillick.


Kelly - Eleiece Krawiec
Larry Mahoney - Peter Katt
Brendan Brooks - H Keith Lyons
Raymond - Joe Stofko
Narrator - Eleiece Krawiec
Sanchez - H Keith Lyons
Lt. Harrelson - Paul Lavelle
Sgt. Hastings - Victor Gates
Rosa - Nae Marie
Carter - Mike Murphy
Milo - Russell Gold
Mr. Turner - Joe Stofko


Theme, bumpers and outro- Timm "The Jester" Gillick
Epic Unease – Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech
Grave Blow – Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech
Faceoff – Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech
Longing and Concern – Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech
Road to Hell – Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech


Batman clip

Nothing major here, just something I did out of boredom.

Guard - Timm Gillick
Batman - Timm Gillick
Joker - Timm Gillick
Two-Face - Timm Gillick
Commissioner Gordon - Timm Gillick

BATMAN CLIP was written, produced and directed by Timm Gillick. Batman, Joker, Two-Face and Commissioner Gordon are TM and Copyright 2006 DC Comics. Batman and Joker were created by Bob Kane. All roles were portrayed by Timm Gillick.

Flash Gordon

Episode One:

Flash Gordon - episode one

Flash Gordon episode 1: Mongo
File size: 12.5 MB
Running time: 13:43

Flash Gordon and Dale Arden are kidnapped by Prof. Hans Zarkov and taken to the planet Mongo, ruled by the evil Emperor Ming the Merciless. Flash fights back and escapes, thus starting his adventures!

This was done as a class project for Audio Production from the original radio serials from 1935. We changed nothing from the original script (which is why it sounds cheesy and weird). Be looking for more episodes of Flash, Dale, Dr. Zarkov and Ming the Merciless from Circus-13 Productions!

Flash Gordon - Mark Kalita
Dale Arden - Gwen Jensen-Woodard
Prof. Hans Zarkov - Chip Joel
Prince Zoon - Mark Kalita
Princess Aura - Kim Gianopolous
Ming the Merciless - Cpt. John Tadrzak
Slaves - Emilie Gillick and Kim Gianopolous
Announcer - Timm "The Jester" Gillick

Flash Gordon soundtrack by Queen
Flash Gordon score by Howard Blake
Flash Gordon theme by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

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