Shadows West

Jonah Hex: bounty hunter, Civil War veteran, all around tough guy. Sit back for a rompin', stompin' Wild West tale of comedy, action and suspense!

Shadows West puts Jonah in Buffalo Will's Wild West Show with Long Tom, a dwarf sharpshooter, where he runs into his old Native American pal Spotted Balls. Jonah learns some things about this traveling show and decides to stick around, for now.

WARNING! This show uses explicit language!

Jonah Hex Shadows West epiisode 1

Shadows West part 1: Long Tom

duration: 16:45
file size: 15.3 MB
written by Joe R. Lansdale
adapted for radio by Timm Gillick
produced by Laura Frechette

Bill Hollweg - Jonah Hex
Timm "the Jester" Gillick - Long Tom, The Barkeep, Spectator 2 and Jethro
Timmy K Sound - Judge Griffith
Venomous Prime - Buffalo Will, Spotted Balls, Shootin Bill, Townsman 1 and Saloon Guy
Laura Frechette - Kathy Sue and Baby Bear
Bill Young - Brother 1, Townsman 2, Undertaker, and Rousty 1
Ravenstone - Brother 2
Alan Spencer - Spectator 1
Laura Post - Rousty Female

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