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Helpful Sites

Here are some links to help get you started in voice acting.

How to Make Radio Plays mp3. Want a quick, down and dirty basics of radio play construction? Download this mp3 and give a listen!

Celtx - scriptwriting software for all types of scripts: film, television, stage, audio. And it's free.

Audacity - free audio mixing and editing program. Combined with Celtx, it's all you need to get started in audio theater.

Incompetech - Kevin MacLeod creates some outstanding royalty free music for download as mp3 on his site. Give him credit and he's happy. (There's other stuff on his site too.)

IDEA - the International Dialects of English Archive. Need to know how a certain dialect sounds for a role? Check out this site and you can hear samples from all over the world.

The Speech Accent Archive - similar to IDEA, but different samples (and a different reason for being formed)

SoundDogs - another great site with a ton of royalty free music and sound effects, too (although they might need some tweaking as they are low quality).

Deviant Art - a social networking site for artists of all types: poets, writers, artists, photographers, digital artists.

These are some of our affiliates and favorite sites.

Our good friend "The Amazing" Chip Joel is in a new professional show called Shanmao and Jimi! Click the banner to check out the shop, and BUY SOME STUFF! Support our good friend Chip!
Broken Sea Audio
Bitey Castle
The Sonic Society
Decoder Ring Theater
Guardians podcast novel
Girl Genius Online
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SFF Audio
KTS: Knowledgeable Technology Solutions
Buffy Between the Lines

Gypsy Audio

Audio Dream Realm

Star Wars Fanworks

Professional Audio Theater Sites

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Friendly artists

This is the banner for Germaine Wood's site, the artist who did a lot of the character pictures for Circus-13.

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