Star Trek: The New Frontier

A new ship, a new crew, a new century.

A new hope.

"We're the new chapter for the Federation. Our mission is to reach the vastness of the unknown quadrant that lays before us; to make new alliances and peace treaties. Until the Federation arrives in this quadrant, we believe we are the first to forge ahead here... In the U.S.S. Phoenix, we rise to the new challenges that await before us.
It's a new age, we're the new crew, we have a new ship, this is the new century, this is our beginning. We seek new life and new civilizations that await us on our unknown path we tread.
We will stand for those who are defenseless, and stand up to those who threaten our peace, to destroy. This is our mission. This is the new frontier. This is our frontier."

Episode one: The Beginning

Star Trek: The New Frontier ep 1 cover

Episode one: The Beginning

Written, directed and produced by James Leeper.
Co-directed by Cpt. John Tadrzak.
Post-production by James Leeper.

The Beginning

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running time: 33:59

We join Capt. William Michaels at Deep Space Thirteen where he receives his new commission and also his new command of the starship U.S.S Phoenix. But all is not normal at Deep Space Thirteen. In the local space is a new worm hole, but this worm hole is not like any others in the Alpha Quadrant. It leads to some place else where no man has gone before. As something lurks to capture or even destroy the Phoenix, her crew is the last hope for the station's survival. We begin a new journey... join us... in the new quadrant... and in our new mission. Episode one: The Beginning!

William Michaels - Peter Flynn
Elise - Stefania Lintonbon
James - Waleed Ovase
Yoko - Georgette Perna
Troy - Adam Ristau
Sarah - Alexa Chipman
Fiona - Elizabeth LaPolla
Admiral Brown - Steven Jay Cohen
Major Daniels - Bill Hollweg
Private - James Leeper
Captain Howe - Cpt John Tadrzak
Officer #1 - MJ Cogburn
Officer #2 - Garry Gobbum
Borg Leader - Cpt John Tadrzak
Borg #1 & #2 - James Leeper and MJ Cogburn
Crewman - Grant Hatfield
Credits read by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

The song "In the Beginning" was composed by Kai Hartwig
Opening theme composed by RemiLegend
Lyrics by Capt. John Tadrzak

Performed by MJ Cogburn
Staff and Credits theme was composed by Capcom

Eric Busby for telling me how to do the Borg Voice Effects
Bill Hollweg, Chris Snyder & MJ Cogburn for the sound effects
Big Special Thanks to Timm Gillick for hosting Star Trek The New Frontier

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