Truck of the Inter-dimensional Bounty Hunters' Guild Local 137

Truck, the bounty hunter, travels through time and space tracking down the worst of the worst because only HE can -- with a little help from his partner Big Daddy Fred.

Truck is a B-movie radio play with a B-movie hero, a B-movie villain, B-movie story and B-movie actors! So sit back and have some fun, B-movie style!

Written by Paul Mannering and Timm Gillick, created by Timm Gillick.

Here is the short film of Truck's colleagues, Archer and Simon starring Darius Willams as Archer and Chance Rush as Simon. (There is some strong language so viewer discretion is advised!)

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Check out Truck and Big Daddy Fred in their first ever comic book! Click the link to take you to the Comics page.
Written by Timm Gillick, artwork by Jakob Kareland.

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Episode 2: The Super Satanic Spork Strippers

Truck and the Super Satanic Spork Strippers cover

written by Timm Gillick.

Part one: Big Bob's Booby Hatch

file size: 30.3 MB
running time: 16:35

Part two: Enter the Ninja!

file size: 15.9 MB
running time: 17:27

Part Three: The Glitter Dumb!

file size: 19.7 MB
running time: 14:23

Truck is sent to an old, abandoned strip club (is that possible?) to search for Frank, a little fella about yay tall, bright red hair, pasty white skin, wears a black suit and a red bow tie. What he finds is a group of kids whose friends have been captured by Satanic Strippers (reminding some of a cartoon group of kids with their dog). And what's the deal with the sporks?

Truck - Mike Ivey
Tommy - Emilie Gillick
Sunny - Jamie Henry
Lamont - Ryan H. Nelson
Big Daddy Fred - Jerry Shipman
Speedy - Ryan H. Nelson
Stripper 1 - Rhonda Kirk
Stripper 2 - Emilie Gillick
Stripper 3 - Brittany
Stripper 4 - M Sieiro Garcia
Candi - Chana Solomon
Voice - ??? (it's a surprise)
Sporks - Timm "The Jester" Gillick
Sheriff Bob - Timm "The Jester" Gillick
Danforth - Timm "The Jester" Gillick
Blaine - Dan Gillick
Announcer (PSA and commercials) - Timm "The Jester" Gillick
Vance - Seth Adam Sher
Amber - MJ Cogburn (special thanks)
Bunny - Chana Solomon
Zombies (commercial) - Bill Hollweg

Episode 1: The Rocket-Powered Werewolf of Carpetbag Swamp

truck and rocket-powered werewolf

written by Paul Mannering.

Part one: Who's Afraid of Louisiana Wolf?

File size: 28.4 MB
running time: 15:33

Part two: Out of the Flying Van and Into the Line of Fire.

File size: 36.2 MB
running time: 19:48

Part three: In the Reich Place at the Wrong Time.

File size: 47.5 MB
running time: 25:58

Truck, an inter-dimensional bounty hunter, is called in to Carlton, Louisiana to investigate a strange flying object in Carpetbag Swamp. When he needs a little help, he calls in his partner Big Daddy Fred. As they dig deeper into the underside of Carlton, they get a little more than they expected.

Be sure to listen for the commercial at the end of each episode.

Truck - Mike Ivey
Big Daddy Fred - Brent Blakey
Eric - David Sweet
Earl - Shaun Bennett
Sheriff Bush - John Songer
Suzy the Sheriff's receptionist - Jamie Henry
Candi the ATLAS Labs receptionist - Vanessa Ludden
Denver Keyton of ATLAS Labs - Kevin McDonald
Voice on the phone - Timm "The Jester" Gillick
Wendi the waitress - Shelby Cooper
Lucille Bastion the tour guide - Emilie (Leadley) Gillick
Senior Deputy Gill - Bill Hollweg
Hank the owner of the tour business - Garrett Slevin
Donna the newspaper receptionist - Susan Gillick (my mom)
Jennifer Monroe the newspaper editor - Laura Post
German Guards - Bill Hollweg and Elie Hirschman
Dr. Menger - Timm "The Jester" Gillick
The Cook/Werewolf - Dan Gillick (my brother)
Henchmen - Bill Hollweg and Elie Hirschman
Schultz - Elie Hirschman

Commercials and Public Service Announcements

Did you enjoy the commercials and the Public Service Announcement? Download them here separately, and listen to them again and again!

Episode 1 Commercials: You-Don't-Know-My-Meat Inspectors

Commercial 1
Commercial 2

Truck - Mike Ivey
Big Daddy Fred - Brent Blakey
You-Don't-Know-My-Meat Inspector (PSA) - Timm "The Jester" Gillick
Announcer - Timm "The Jester" Gillick

Episode 2 Commercials: Invisible Mimes

Commercial 1
Commercial 2

Truck - Mike Ivey
Big Daddy Fred - Jerry Shipman
Zombies - "The Awesome!!!!!!!!!" Bill Hollweg
Caveman Mike (PSA) - himself
Invisible Mimes - a cast of thousands
Announcer - Timm "The Jester" Gillick

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